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Why does bending, sneezing, stretching cause toothache?

After being unemployed and sedentary for four months, I started a job four days ago that requires quite a bit of physical activity. Yesterday I got a toothache in right upper molar which had root canal done on it a few years ago. Today I am having pain in the tooth when I bend over, stretch, or sneeze. Anybody out there have any idea why this is happening? Thanks!

Why does bending, sneezing, stretching cause toothache?
It sounds like you still have an abscess on that tooth or perhaps in an adjacent tooth. Raising your blood pressure through physical exertion will cause the inflamed area to hurt.

Either that, or you are bumping it hard with the opposing tooth when you do these things. Are you clenching your teeth together whenyou exert yourself? Most people DO bang their teeth together when they sneeze.
Reply:It might be swelling and pinching the nerve from tooth to ear. apply a warm heating not leave on more than 20 min. at a time.
Reply:You have to have a cavity somewhere on that tooth, otherwise you shouldn't get a toothache. When you sneeze, bend etc, the bloodpressure goes up a bit and your pulse quickens this will resound in the bad tooth. You need to see a dentist.
Reply:go back and see the dentist again
Reply:It might not be the tooth at all.

Do you have a head cold with sinusitis? You mentioned sneezing so i was just wondering.

Sudden movements will cause pain in the maxillary sinus which can seem to be coming from upper back teeth.

If so, treat the cold symptoms and the pain will disappear.


How to get rid of a toothache?

My wisdom teeth are coming in, and I don't have the money right now to go to the dentist and get anything take ncare of. Anyone know of a good way to help get rid of a toothache?

How to get rid of a toothache?
Nothing will take the ache away for long and you can't live on pain pills. Not taking care of them could wind up costiing you a lot more down the road, especially if they move or ruin your teeth. Bite the bullet, find the money and go to the dentist.
Reply:Anbesol-wal mart about 3 bucks
Reply:Try Orajel
Reply:tylenol, ice packs, ambesol. when mine first started to come in, chewing gum back there seemed to help for me.
Reply:if you can take aspirin then take one and place it over the area of the tooth. Let it dissolve on the spot. Its bitter and nasty tasting but it helps.
Reply:The pain of cutting teeth isn't really the same thing as a toothache. The pain you feel comes from your gums. It is, in fact, the same thing as when a baby is teething. You might try ice or you could buy some numbs your gums topically. Other than that, perhaps some ibuprophen.
Reply:I would suggest using oragel....or a great home remedi that my granny taught me....boil a regular tea bag in a cup of water in the microwave for about 30 seconds...take the tea bag out and make sure it is warm but not too hot....pat it against your gums and aching will soothe the pain for you!
Reply:Sorry the only true and long term way to get rid of the pain is to have them taken out. You can try Ibuprofen to reduce pain and any swelling, and make sure to keep the areas clean by brushing well and flossing and using a good mouthwash.

You could check into payment plans, there is CareCredit which is a medical, dental, and vet credit card that has interest free plans depending on the length of time and amount needed.
Reply:Keep some hot water in your mouth for some time, repeat it 5-6 times,u'll feel better.Best home remedy is to keep 2 cloves at the spot which is affected by pain. Add some drops of lemon and salt in mustard oil and gently massage over the affected area.Hope these tips will work for you and relieve you from pain.
Reply:If you're sure the pain is coming from your wisdom teeth then this is usually quite normal and should go away after a day or two. It's clinical name is pericoronitis if you want to look it up.

Just keeping the area clean at the back and making sure no food or anything gets trapped there is the best thing to do. Mouthwashes or even warm saltwater rinses 2/3 times a day will help.

If the pain doesn't go away though and keeps coming back you should definately go see a dentist. This might turn into something more complicated and it may even get infected.

To be sure it's pericoronitis and not a decayed tooth, does it hurt (dull pain) when you push your finger on the gum on and around the tooth? If it does then it's probably normal, if it doesn't and gives you a sharp pain on eating/drinking it could be decay. Both are possible causes so more info would be helpful.

Depending on what the situation is exactly, and how many times the pain keeps coming back extraction would be the last choice, so don't worry about it for now.
Reply:take some pliers, then slowly rip them out of your mouth

i ended up looking like a hillbilly, but hey i have no more pain
Reply:Never place an aspirin directly in your mouth. It is very caustic and will burn the tissue in the area. If you need to relieve the pain, swallow it. Get to a dentist. There is no way you can self treat and end up with a pain free mouth - for very long anyway. Get it diagnosed and get the treatment and be done with it.

sole slippers

What can i do for a toothache?

been having really bad toothache. cant go to the dentist cause im 9 months pregnant. what can i do to relieve the pain? help its really painful.

What can i do for a toothache?
I'd take half an aspirin and swill it round my mouth, but you're probably a bit nervous of aspirin in your condition. I would recommend salt water - it stings but it may help.
Reply:get clove oil-non prescription

ask at pharmacy counter

and who says no dentist?
Reply:call ur geneologist to ask if viagra is ok
Reply:Chew on cloves. It's a natural pain killer.
Reply:see a doctor and see if you can get a prescription for T3. that's what I did when I was 8 months pregnant and had a tooth ache.

Good luck
Reply:Sip on ice water, it works for me and there is no medication involved or else you can use oral gel or both I have.
Reply:don't get me wrong but dab so. comfort anound the tooth. not to get drunk, something in it masks pain...
Reply:This is probably going to sound crazy but look up a reflexology chart on the internet of the tops of the feet. The pressure point for your teeth is on the top of your toes. Look at a chart to see exactly where and rub that spot. If it hurts, it means you've found it. Sometimes it is a little hard to find, but when you find it you'll know it!
Reply:take a q-tip, soak it in clove oil and apply
Reply:Darn woman! Do go to a dentist! What an excuse, I am pregnant! Kiddo, a tooth ach is worse than child bearing! Go get help!

%26lt;-- just an old guy!
Reply:Salt will remove pain

wash your mouth with warm salt water do it several times and lots of should take about ten to fifteen minutes

Reply:you could call your doctor.
Reply:A topical pain reliever like ambusol
Reply:good question...........i guess pulling it out will not effect you or the baby.....
Reply:put some salt in glass of warm water dont swallaw this water but gurgle this water in your mouth then do it again and again it should ease the pain abit
Reply:Call your OB. They can recommend something that will get you through the pain until the baby comes and you can get to the dentist. Don't take anything without talking to your doctor first.
Reply:Get oil of cloves topical from the drug store. Put a drop of it right on the aching part. It will not go into your system and be a problem for the baby but it will deaden the pain at the tooth.
Reply:had really bad toothache when pregnant, really wrecks your teeth. Get oil of cloves from a chemists, it stinks but its instant relief and safe! also is you have cloves, use them meanhile, just stick one inside your mouth closest to the sore tooth on the gum, its like a local anaesthetic. And my dentist was great, you can still have treatment whilst pregnant you know. Just only local anaesthetic in the gum.
Reply:herbalists say a clove pressed against it will help.
Reply:you can still go to the dentist .. I never let use any anti-Stesha on me .. the stress of the pain is harmful on the baby too...
Reply:Chew on a clove (the kitchen spice).

Don't laugh, try it!
Reply:Get orajel or some other topical analgesic. Also take tylenol or some other painreleiver if you are able.
Reply:yucky but oil of cloves should stop the pain
Reply:put a used wet lipton tea bag on the gums of the tooth that hurts and keep it there for a while. Got it from a health food magazine and it works surprisingly well.
Reply:You can go to a dentist they will more than likley give you an RX for Tylenol 3 and then schedule Treatment if needed after delivery. If the dentist thinks it could be a serious problem or you are just in serious pain, they can take an xray, using 2 lead aprons and a thyroid collar to protect you, but they still would more than likely delay treatment until after delivery. The safest time to treat pregnant women is in the 2nd trimester. Being 9 months I am pretty sure noone will treat at this point but could get you out of pain.
Reply:I would agree with mostly everyone. Try water and salt rinses a few times a day. I went through this myself... I used Anbusol (can't remember the spelling, lol).

Best to keep it clean with brushing and flossing. And to just head to the dentist. You'll definitely need to make and appt. anyway for after the baby is born to get the tooth fixed.

Oh ya, if there is face swelling try warm compresses for the pain. Alternate with cold compresses to get the swelling down.

: ) Good luck ( :
Reply:just standard over the counter tylenol works. Throughout my whole pregnancy i took tylenol 8 hr to relieve my aches and pains. But it you want a more natural method, warm salt water swished around in your mouth works wonders if you can deal with the taste of salt. Just dont put too much salt in it, just about a pinch or two.
Reply:i also have very bad toothaches before i was pregnant and my mom told me to take a pepperment tea bag wet it down and place on the tooth pepperment reduces swelling and helps with pain you can also drink the pepperment tea for slower results

hope this helps god bless you and your baby

URGENT!! please help, i have a toothache!?

I have the WORST toothache. I can't move, eat, or talk without it hurting like h-e-l-l! I need some home remedies that will relieve the pain, FAST! Please help me. I cant take this anymore. I'm seriously about to break down.

URGENT!! please help, i have a toothache!?
Take a tea bag (black/orange pekoe like from Lipton's tea)

and soak it in very hot water long enough that it starts to seep

color. Then let it cool a little, squeeze out some of the water and put it next to the tooth between tooth and gum, leave it in for 10 - 20 minutes and re heat again. If you don't squeeze out too much you can use it 5 - 6 times.

Also, take an aspirin, break it in to crumbles and put SOME of it under your tongue (the skin is very thin and medicine will

absorb quickly into the blood stream) at this spot even a baby aspirin has quick and noticeable effects.

Between the aspirin (for pain) and the tea bag (pain and swelling) you should start feeling better in 20 -30 minutes.
Reply:Thank you all for your answers. My tooth feels MUCH better now! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. Report It

Reply:You probably have a abcess. You need to go to the dentist to get it seen about. They will give you antibiotics and pain meds but they won't help until you get the tooth fixed. I had one before the pain will drive you crazy. Call ASAP! I tried everything and nothing helped. Good luck.
Reply:oil of cloves %26amp; painkillers then dentist dude
Reply:Go to the ER and be seen by a physician. If you have an abcess, they will prescribe you with painkillers and antibiotics, this should give you nearly immediate relief tonight. If you wait until tomorrow, the dentist might not be able to see you, or will give you painkillers and antibiotics and have you come back in a week to allow the abcess clear up first. After the infection has cleared (it is this that is causing your pain by putting immense pressure on the nerves), you will more than likely need to have a root canal done. Find a good periodontist for this (ask co-workers and friends) and it should be practically painless.

What can I do for a toothache?

what can I take for a really bad toothache?I have had it all night long and I cant sleep.It only herts when I lay down in bed and I ahve taken way to many ibuprohen already.Is there anything else that I can do.....

What can I do for a toothache?
i heard charcoal ...paste helps

why not try
Reply:Rub oil of cloves on the ttooth and all around the gumline
Reply:A nice warm compress, or try rubbing some oil of clove on it ,or anbesol tooth gell, good luck hope you feel better.
Reply:Try using Anbisol, and then try going to the dentist.
Reply:You need to have your tooth checked out by a doctor or dentist. What else?
Reply:put clove gives relief.if the problem persists see a dentist
Reply:Place Anadin onto it or something similar that will do the trick for sure recommended!
Reply:the combination of Advil and Tylenol would work better because one is for pain and one is for swelling. If you get them often then you should go and get some clove oil or maximum strength oragel
Reply:First things first! Visit a good competent dentist and implement his professional advice.
Reply:there is a gel you can buy in your local pharmacy called BONJELA, rub it on the tooth or gum area. it acts like a local anesthetic. i found it very good, especially good if u wake up in the middle of the night in pain. if you cant get BONJELA, ask your pharmacist to recommend something. one other thing, get to a dentist ASAP! the pain will drive you nuts.
Reply:go to a dentist is my advise pain relive is only a temp, if u cant find a dentist ring nhs direct and find out where you nearest emergency dentist is.

clove oil is good, but only take what u would normal take for a headache or ask a pharmacy. i used parmol painkillers which is the strongest u can buy over the counter but u cant drink on them.
Reply:If you have pain while sleeping, you have a grade 3 pulpitis and that is irreversible. Meaning that you need a root canal treatment. there is no way to avoid it, no matter how many painkillers you gona take, it aint gona help you. Go to a dentist asap and get it checked. If you delay, infection could set in and you will get an abcess and unbearable pain at 12 midnight and then where will you run, so go now and get it seen to

Take care
Reply:You need to see a dentist. If you have no insurance, look at my site for affordable supplemental dental savings.

Or you can e-mail me with questions
Reply:Toothaches are painful but can be prevented

by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating

food which will result in the formation of acid

in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride

toothpaste. I found the information at
Reply:rip it out or take medicine

What can i use for a toothache if i have high bloode pressure?

can i use oral jel for a toothache if i have high blood pressure

What can i use for a toothache if i have high bloode pressure?
Sure, why not?

You can also use oil of cloves, which is a homeopathic solution for temporary relief.
Reply:u can use ure normal painkillers that u would use, but i do believe it is always good to check with the chemist first as then will know the backround of the blood pressure tablets you are taking and know if there will be in problems
Reply:yes you can. if you want to try out some home remedies you may perhaps wish to visit this website which i found very informative. - I found it very useful.


How to take care of a Toothache?

I want to know how i can take care of a toothache for a pregnat woman..

How to take care of a Toothache?
go to
Reply:See a dentist immediately. You don't want infection setting in while you are pregnant. Do not take aspirin.
Reply:go to the dentist. take some tylenol.
Reply:Go to the dentist.
Reply:for immediate help, take a cotton ball and put some whiskey, vodka, something alcoholic and dab it on the tooth, it should feel better
Reply:go to the pro's aka a dentist
Reply:Hi Victor S,

Go to the drugstore %26amp; get some clove oil, (it comes in a box with cotton balls a little tweezers. You put the cotton ball into the bottle of clove oil %26amp; apply this right to the tooth. It'll numb your tooth try not getting this on lips or she'll have numb lips-then discard the cotton ball. Then see a dentist. You can consult with a doctor to see if clove oil is alright while being pregnant. Good luck this works really good.
Reply:use orjel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:cheddar cheese honest-best home remedy there is.let it dissolve on the tooth
Reply:Please see a dentist. There are antibiotics we can prescribe to control the infection and usually treatment that can be done quickly and easily to relieve the pain.

Dr K
Reply:See a dentist. The risks to the baby of leaving an infection untreated are far greater than any risk encountered in treating the toothache.
Reply:Toothache usually refers to pain around the teeth or jaws.The most

common cause of a toothache is a dental cavity and the inflammation

of the pulp(pulpitis) Sometimes a toothache may be due to non-dental

reasons like infection of the ears and sinus. If a tooth is affected

home remedies like clove oil can provide temporary relief, but it is

advisable to visit a dentist for a long term solution. More information

available at

vc .net