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What can i do for a toothache?

been having really bad toothache. cant go to the dentist cause im 9 months pregnant. what can i do to relieve the pain? help its really painful.

What can i do for a toothache?
I'd take half an aspirin and swill it round my mouth, but you're probably a bit nervous of aspirin in your condition. I would recommend salt water - it stings but it may help.
Reply:get clove oil-non prescription

ask at pharmacy counter

and who says no dentist?
Reply:call ur geneologist to ask if viagra is ok
Reply:Chew on cloves. It's a natural pain killer.
Reply:see a doctor and see if you can get a prescription for T3. that's what I did when I was 8 months pregnant and had a tooth ache.

Good luck
Reply:Sip on ice water, it works for me and there is no medication involved or else you can use oral gel or both I have.
Reply:don't get me wrong but dab so. comfort anound the tooth. not to get drunk, something in it masks pain...
Reply:This is probably going to sound crazy but look up a reflexology chart on the internet of the tops of the feet. The pressure point for your teeth is on the top of your toes. Look at a chart to see exactly where and rub that spot. If it hurts, it means you've found it. Sometimes it is a little hard to find, but when you find it you'll know it!
Reply:take a q-tip, soak it in clove oil and apply
Reply:Darn woman! Do go to a dentist! What an excuse, I am pregnant! Kiddo, a tooth ach is worse than child bearing! Go get help!

%26lt;-- just an old guy!
Reply:Salt will remove pain

wash your mouth with warm salt water do it several times and lots of should take about ten to fifteen minutes

Reply:you could call your doctor.
Reply:A topical pain reliever like ambusol
Reply:good question...........i guess pulling it out will not effect you or the baby.....
Reply:put some salt in glass of warm water dont swallaw this water but gurgle this water in your mouth then do it again and again it should ease the pain abit
Reply:Call your OB. They can recommend something that will get you through the pain until the baby comes and you can get to the dentist. Don't take anything without talking to your doctor first.
Reply:Get oil of cloves topical from the drug store. Put a drop of it right on the aching part. It will not go into your system and be a problem for the baby but it will deaden the pain at the tooth.
Reply:had really bad toothache when pregnant, really wrecks your teeth. Get oil of cloves from a chemists, it stinks but its instant relief and safe! also is you have cloves, use them meanhile, just stick one inside your mouth closest to the sore tooth on the gum, its like a local anaesthetic. And my dentist was great, you can still have treatment whilst pregnant you know. Just only local anaesthetic in the gum.
Reply:herbalists say a clove pressed against it will help.
Reply:you can still go to the dentist .. I never let use any anti-Stesha on me .. the stress of the pain is harmful on the baby too...
Reply:Chew on a clove (the kitchen spice).

Don't laugh, try it!
Reply:Get orajel or some other topical analgesic. Also take tylenol or some other painreleiver if you are able.
Reply:yucky but oil of cloves should stop the pain
Reply:put a used wet lipton tea bag on the gums of the tooth that hurts and keep it there for a while. Got it from a health food magazine and it works surprisingly well.
Reply:You can go to a dentist they will more than likley give you an RX for Tylenol 3 and then schedule Treatment if needed after delivery. If the dentist thinks it could be a serious problem or you are just in serious pain, they can take an xray, using 2 lead aprons and a thyroid collar to protect you, but they still would more than likely delay treatment until after delivery. The safest time to treat pregnant women is in the 2nd trimester. Being 9 months I am pretty sure noone will treat at this point but could get you out of pain.
Reply:I would agree with mostly everyone. Try water and salt rinses a few times a day. I went through this myself... I used Anbusol (can't remember the spelling, lol).

Best to keep it clean with brushing and flossing. And to just head to the dentist. You'll definitely need to make and appt. anyway for after the baby is born to get the tooth fixed.

Oh ya, if there is face swelling try warm compresses for the pain. Alternate with cold compresses to get the swelling down.

: ) Good luck ( :
Reply:just standard over the counter tylenol works. Throughout my whole pregnancy i took tylenol 8 hr to relieve my aches and pains. But it you want a more natural method, warm salt water swished around in your mouth works wonders if you can deal with the taste of salt. Just dont put too much salt in it, just about a pinch or two.
Reply:i also have very bad toothaches before i was pregnant and my mom told me to take a pepperment tea bag wet it down and place on the tooth pepperment reduces swelling and helps with pain you can also drink the pepperment tea for slower results

hope this helps god bless you and your baby

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