Friday, May 21, 2010

37 weeks pregnant with a toothache. Help?

I have had a toothache since yesterday. The dentist isn't open and I have taken Tylenol and abesol and nothing is helping. If I went to the emergency room would they be able to do anything for me?

37 weeks pregnant with a toothache. Help?
Pretty much all the ER will do is give you an antibiotic (in case it's infected/abscessed) and send you home in my experience. They usually do have an oral surgeon on call, so if it was a life threatening situation, they would be able to pull the tooth and/or drain the abscess, but it's unlikely they would need to do that. I know it's awful, but really waiting for the dentist is best - it's most likely a cavity that needs to be filled and nothing will resolve the problem but that.
Reply:Try orajel. It works wonders!
Reply:ER might but I'm not sure. If anything they'll give you hydrocodone. That's what they gave me when I was having really bad "Round Ligament Pain" (severe cramping).
Reply:They might, maybe give you something for the pain that is safe. Or gargle warm water and salt, or try oralgel.
Reply:The ER would not be able to help. Your dentist should be on call for emergencies. Also, please visit our fabulous pregnancy and mothers forum at We have a fabulous group of women that would love to help you!
Reply:possably, i had my tooth pulled in october and im now 37weeks and i had tooth ache a few weeks ago and i couldnt get to the emergancy dentist and pulled my own tooth!!
Reply:They probably wouldn't see you because a toothache is not that bad. Sorry to say. Try clove oil. Rub it on your gum and that should help.
Reply:Make sure your getting enough calcium. My teeth were aching all the time and I take xtra calcium now and they don't hurt.Other than that idk if you are supposed to take orajel but I have seen many answerers on here say it is fine to take, so I guess it would be alright. The emergency probably wouldn't be able to do anything for you I wouldn't think. They would only have pain medication to give you which you might not/might be able to take because you are pregnant right now. Good Luck.
Reply:If you cannot get ahold of your dentist, the ER can provide temporary relief until monday. Meaning they can do pain relief and antibiotics if there is an infection but they won't be able to correct the cause of the problem. If you are to uncomfortable go in.
Reply:i dont know but im 25 weeks pregnant and i was told you cant take ANY medicine during pregnancy
Reply:The ER can't help you with a toothache. Isn't there an after hours number at your dentist? Surely some dentist will see you.

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