Friday, May 21, 2010

Does Whiskey really help a toothache?

i've heard so many weird remedies on curing a toothache, even root canal pain. Like squeezing the skin in between your thumb and pointer finger for 30 secs. Or taping a piece of garlic to your arm. What other weird remedies have you guys heard, that actually workds? Oh yea, the squeezing the skin one worked for me. ;)

Does Whiskey really help a toothache?
Alcohol absorbs through the skin and particularly through the gums, so it should help as far as pain relief, but I don't think it helps cure the problem that caused the pain.
Reply:it does if you wash it down with pain killers,

or just orajel its what the dentist use to freeze you gum so you feel no pain
Reply:Whiskey will numb the gums around the tooth so that will make it feel better!! My mother used to put it on the babies gums when they were teething..I know its probably child abuse,lol, but it worked!! Oh yeah,forgot to mention..dont drink it, just rub it on the
Reply:whiskey is a gr8 remedie for toothache.. it will tranquelise the nervs of the mouth and no pain will be feeled for sometime..
Reply:The best remedy for a toothache is a visit to the dentist. Using pain killers only delays the inevitable. Until the source of the pain is dealt with, it won't go away.
Reply:whiskey does help cuz it numbs it if its really bad rub a little coke on it the pain will go away like that, tastes like **** though.

and i dont mean coke like soda i mean what mac dre sings about.
Reply:Of course if you drink Whiskey it will take the pain away. Once you have a good buzz going on you'll forget all about the tooth ache. : ) Oh, and I don't have any weird remedies for a toothache, but I heard that if you have the hick-ups take a small string (off of your own clothing), ball it up in your mouth and stick it right in the middle of your forehead. No joke! I've tried it and it does work...Simply because your mind is so focused on the string you totally forget about the hick-ups.
Reply:Toothaches are painful but can be prevented

by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating

food which will result in the formation of acid

in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride

toothpaste. I found the information at

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