Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whats good for a toothache?

My Filling Just Came out When i Drink or Suck Air I Hurt like Hell

I Tryed Tylenol Doesnt Work I Tryed Advil Doesnt work

What the works for a toothache i cant eat on that side because it hurt badly

Whats good for a toothache?
Sorry to hear you are in pain. Call your dentist and make an appointment to have your tooth refilled but in the meantime go to your local drug store, wal-mart, or pharmacy they usually sell some kind of temporary filling kit. Ask the pharmacist or check where they sell the anbesol, orajel, etc.. Ask about clove oil it helped me.
Reply:boil down cloves until oil and use it like anbesol
Reply:how about going to the dentist? try that one.
Reply:Try Anbesol or oil of cloves (w/Motrin). Good luck.
Reply:I really am not lying to you, but rubbing salt into your gums and tooth gently. It really works.
Reply:boil cloves or garlic in oil and drop onto the tooth and gums.

this will also help keep away infections. if you have any, take a little sip of whisky and hold on the tooth, thats an oldtimers cure

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