Friday, May 21, 2010

I have had a severe toothache for the past 2 weeks!!?

I have been in so much pain with a toothache for the past 2 weeks and am 7 1/2 months pregnant. I only have medicaid insurance and where i live (Lansing, MI) there is no dentists that take medicaid. I have been to the ER and all they did was prescribe some antibiotics for me and sent me on my way. That didnt work at all. I have gone to my local health department and they cant see me till July!! I dont know what to do about the pain anymore, considering i am pregnant i cant take anything for the pain except Tylenol. Does someone have any other advice, instead of living in agony for the next 2 months?? I cant sleep because the pain is so bad at night and I feel so weak.

I have had a severe toothache for the past 2 weeks!!?
Go see a dentist !!
Reply:Go to a local dentist and explain your situation. Offer to clean the office or help in any way possible in exchange for dental work.

See if there is a local dental college that will do the work free.

Try putting a whole clove on the sore spot to see if that will ease the pain.

I certainly sympathize with you. A toothache is pure misery.
Reply:You can ask your public aid office to give you a list of the health departments, they usually will take the medical card.The health departments might even have some numbers of dentists close to your home town that accept the medical card. That's what I did
Reply:turn tricks to get the money for dentist go to dentist
Reply:I was 8 months pregnant and had to get my tooth pulled. I m lucky i live in Canada and just had to pay for the emergency visit to the dentists. But after they pulled my tooth i went into shock and almost passed out. I don't know what to tell you, will they not pull the tooth? You can have teeth pulled when your pregnant as long as you don't have to be put under anesthetic.You have to do something because the last thing you want to be doing is going into labor with a soar face and a soar body. You have to talk to your dentist. ASAP! Let me know what happens. GOOD LUCK!

I was in my last trimester and was told it was ok to have my tooth pulled. There is no reason why you cant get your tooth pulled.
Reply:You have what is called "acute pulpitis". It is inflammation of the pulp. Since this pulp is enclosed from all sides inside the hard tooth, it can be excruciating. Also, you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, extraction would be unadvisable. Painkillers will help you, but the only solution is to go to a dentist. You can ask him to just "relieve" the tooth of occlusion. That will help. Also ask him if it would be advisable to open the tooth up and let it drain on its own. I would advise you to sleep with your head elevated as this will prevent the rush of blood to the head, which is the main reason you have severe pain at night.

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