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REALLY severe toothache.?

Alright so i'm having a really really bad toothache i've had for....3 days now. its to the point where i wake up crying in the middle of the night. i can't concentrate on anything and i can't sleep at all. i'm taking orajel or whatever, we also have that red cross stuff i've read helps. but when i take orajel i always need to spit because my mouth becomes VERY watery and it doesn't seem to help at all. my dentist told me he'd try filling it and if it hurt take ib profin and such. but my moms scared if i take ib profin more and more i'll get sick like my dad. im taking advil 200 mg about 3 of them every...5 hours. i think thats too much already. its just not helping. so im suffering. its my farthest tooth back on the top right side and the pain is so excruciating its effecting my ears and hearing. the red cross stuff works a little, but it seems to come back in 10 minutes. i can't chew garlic or anything because when i pressure my top and bottom teeth together it hurts.

REALLY severe toothache.?
This sounds like an infection at the base of the tooth (root). This can indeed be extremely painful because of all the nerves in the area. If your face is swollen, it's an infection. The tooth will probably have to be pulled. If it's swollen, ICE IT. If your face isn't swollen, put HEAT on it.

Try to chew on the opposite side, and eat soft foods so you don't have to chew a lot. Take "ibuprofen" (Motrin/Advil) 800 mg. every 4 hours. This is a prescription strength dose. It will help the inflammation and pain. Therapeutic doses of ibuprofen should be taken with food because it's hard on the stomach lining. It can cause GI bleeding, upset, ulcers, etc. so make sure you take it with some sort of food.

Hope this helps, and take care my friend.
Reply:I'm so sorry you're going through all this... unfortunately there's not much you can do at this point except visit your dentist ASAP...
Reply:Oh shut up and stop being such a weakling! Just get on with your life and try and ignore the pain. For goodness sake woman caveman never even had toothpaste and you never heard him complaining. Sounds to me like you are just a silly little girl in need of a bit of suffering and I think this toothake might just do you the world of good.
Reply:You are going to the doctor.. good!

Now to relieve some of the pain now...

When you use the oragel, put it on about 2 cue-tips. Open your mouth with your finger and strategically place the cue-tips right where it hurts and leave it there. Don't move it, don't touch it. Just leave it. If you have to spit, do it gently so you aren't spitting out the oragel.

also try putting a hot pack or a warm towel on the outside of your face where the pain is.

Other than that, all you can do is to wait until you go to the doctor.

Good luck! Hope you feel better!!
Reply:I have really bad teeth and when I get a toothache I was told a while back to put ICE ( not something warm ) on it. I get a cold pack - like you put in a lunch pack to keep you lunch cool - and then wrap that in a towel and put that on my face where-ever it hurts. The people at the hospital told me this !!!!!!!!!!

It really helps a lot.

Many times I just imagine the pain away. Like they say, mind over matter. It is a way of making your self feel better when you are sick.

Good luck and I know that this will works. ( I have taken two 800 mg. of Ibuprofen for my toothache at time) - but then I have a very high tolerance for pain.
Reply:The tooth itself hurting could be a cornucopia of possibilities. The tooth could have a cavity. For this, get an xray. Your tooth could be cracked. There is a simple, yet effective test for this. All you have to do is bite down on the tooth in question. Release. If the tooth hurts more on the release than on the bite, the tooth is cracked. If you have a headache, the most probable cause of this is that your teeth are scraping together too much. Normal sets of teeth (top %26amp; bottom) fit together snugly. Even if your teeth are scraping together just a hair's width (no exageration) this is enough to cause immense headaches. Only your dentist can tell just how much to take off. Also, one final scenario, your tooth could be dead. A quick way to test this is to go to your dentist and ask for the test. What he/she should bring out is a small metalic box. This box has a tip on it that emits an electrical pulse. When you hold onto the metalic part of the box and the dentist puts the tip up to said tooth, you should feel the pulse through your tooth. This means that your tooth is still alive. If not, then funeral arrangements will have to be made. Future dentist here. Hope I could help!!!
Reply:you probably have a major infection in the roots of your gums. or something else.

you need to see the dentist right away. if nothing else helps!

*I agree with the first answerer.
Reply:I know exactly how you feel. I need a root canal but don't have dental insurance so have to wait. I read where pure clove oil really works but it did'n't help me. I also read that if you put ice between your thumb on forefinger for about 5 minutes, the pain will subside. I've tried that and it really did work.

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