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Whats the best thing for toothache?

i keep getting terrible toothache but can't get an appointment at the dentist for another two weeks, does and one know of a good way of getting rid of toothache in the mean time?

Whats the best thing for toothache?
Bite a Asprin between you teeth and let it melt, it does not taste nice but it works
Reply:aspirin gives harm to intraoral to soft issues its so harmful it can burn and also pierce the tissue Report It

Reply:bongela brufen and paracetamol
Reply:Call your dentist and tell him about the pain and maybe he will give you something for it.
Reply:Mum swears by a daub of whiskey on the affected area - if that doesn't work - just drink the whole bottle and you won't feel a thing!
Reply:you shuld be able to get an emergency appointment usually costs £35.00+ thuogh to get this.

try another dentist if yours is making you wait 2 weeks.

I did when my wisdom teeth had an infection there was no way i could have waited 2 weeks, went to GP in the end to get drugs! it worked but GP not supposed to prescribe for dental problems!

kick some ***! i would!
Reply:It's something like cloves - nasty taste but apparently works wonders. I think Bonjella might work too and some pain killers. Hold on in there - could you perhaps get an emergency appointment at the dentists - or go to a different one as an emergency if your normal one can't fit you in? Good luck.
Reply:Whiskey -leave it in your mouth a few minutes -then swallow-Try another dentist.
Reply:Try Paracetamol, oil of clove, bonjela
Reply:there is a product on the market to help ease the pain. Ask your druggest and he will recommend it.
Reply:clove oil, I have serious problems with impacted wisdom teeth and it works a treat
Reply:Orajell or some kind of freezing jell, like Jiff or chew an assburn
Reply:I always use Nurofen, it works a treat.

oh yeah don't eat.....
Reply:go to the chemist and ask for some tooth tincher.

its a small bottle of liquid which you rub round the affected tooth and it numbs the area, hense eliminating the pain.

hope this helps.

p.s a cheack up at the dentist may be needed also
Reply:get some clove oil from the chemist,,,you rub it on your gum,,it will help with the pain.

Reply:If its really unbearable, you should just go to the dentist for an emergency visit - just stop by, he shouldn't turn you away.

Try rinsing with a peroxide and water mixture. Peroxide will kill off any infection you may have just under the surface. Its not good to do long term because it can hide a larger problem, but it is very helpful for a short term fix.
Reply:The Dentist
Reply:crushed up baby asprin rubbed on the tooth itself....and a dentist
Reply:A dentist - don't wait 2 weeks either turn up and wait or go to your nearest dental hospital.
Reply:Bicarb - straight on it.
Reply:when you are not pregnant try Ibuprofen with codeine, clove oil is also very calming but do not use it very much it will irritate your gum!
Reply:Toothache - use a piece of string and a doorhandle...
Reply:oil of cloves. can be bought at the chemist. put it on a piece of cotton wool and apply to the tooth for a few minutes. tastes absolutely awful but will do the trick.

regarding your dentist appointment..........if you just wernt to the surgery and waited he will have to see you as an emergency
Reply:Clove oil. Tastes awful but does the trick
Reply:I know a lot of people on here are telling you to use clove oil. Don't do it! I was told to use it when I had an absessed tooth by someone and my absess got a LOT worse and was so much more painful. I ended up having to get my tooth pulled after that.
Reply:crush up an paracetamol and put it directly on your sore tooth

numbs the gum.

sweetens the tooth.

erm... more job for your dentist jokes.
Reply:Arrrgh I sympathise, Dental Pain is the worst!! I would suggest trying cloveoil, plus an inbruprofen type painkiller. BUT can you not get an appointment somewhere else and see if they can at least prescribe an antibiotic if it's infected? If it is infected these would buy you two weeks to get organised with the appointment at your regular dentist! If you're really stuck phone the local hospital they shoule be able to help, even if i tmeans coming into the A%26amp;E dept and waiting 3 hours. ... Good Luck
Reply:Try "oragel" if it is real bad go to the dentst.

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