Monday, November 16, 2009

Intense Toothache?

for the last 2 night's ive had really intense toothache where my filling has come out was literally climbing the walls last doesnt have an appointment till Monday, Im taking nurofen plus that has subsided the pain but still hurts..anyone else know wots a gd pain relief?

Intense Toothache?
try combinations of codeine and the other things for sure.......but the best thing is a natural remedy with anaesthetic qualities..........oil of cloves will numb the pain
Reply:I'm with ya here, I've got an aching cavity and can't get in until Tuesday, Wow their getting you in on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, Nice. '

Take a pain killer that works so that in 4 hours you feel high and can't walk straight, and if you aren't sitting down or laying you will puke, that works great while gaming late at night, I actually like it. When you go to bed you fall asleep almost instantly.
Reply:You can buy a temporary filling mixture from chemists. It comes in a kit. It's not brilliant but will plug the exposed nerve until you get to the dentist. That should help.

If not then oil of cloves is supposed to be good though it tastes foul. Some people swear by neat alcohol dabbed on the tooth.

Keep up with the pain killers.
Reply:clove. put 1 or 2 between the sore tooth and your gum, it does help.
Reply:If you are in the UK ring NHS diect who will give you numbers of local emergency dentists who should be able to see you the same day, ring them and tell them that you are in agony and may pass out and they will get you in very speedy. The best over the counter pain killers you can take are paracetamol and paracetamol (follow the directions on the box) but if you have any co- codamol (paracetamol and codeine ) this is also good. Hope this helps
Reply:Have a look through the cupboard, see if you have any cal gel from when the kids were teething. Works a treat.
Reply:I feel for you. I had an abcess last year, that made childbirth seem a doddle. I'm sorry I can't remember the name, but please go to Superdrug if you can tomorrow. There are some painkillers which they recomended to me that are in a black box. About £4.95. They were the only thing that got me through until my appointment.
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