Sunday, May 16, 2010

Major toothache, please help!?

I have had toothache now for 3 days and have not slept in that time either, i have tried everything, from paracetomol to codine, to clove oil and nothing is making any difference!

what else can i try?


Major toothache, please help!? seriously, it's around 40% alcohol which numbs your tooth for about 8 hours. I'm having tooth trouble at the mo, going to the dentist tomorrow. I had major toothache which was caused by my filling breaking, and then my gum got infected and swollen. Whiskey was the only thing that would help until I was prescribed Amoxycillin by the dentist. Just swish a shot of it over the tooth and hold it there for as long as you can. It won't burn, it'll just feel warm. The pain wil go, so you'll be able to sleep well, but for an extra helping hand, swallow the whiskey!!

Take care

Reply:Go to the dentist.
Reply:well you could have an infection or just a bad tooth so I think it would help if you went to the dentist because you may end up needing the tooth pulled just to relieve the pain.
Reply:Ibuprofen works wonders with toothache.
Reply:Of course, you need to see the dentist, but it's Sunday night...

In addition to taking Advil LiquiGels (which work the fastest), sleep on an extra pillow to elevate your head. If that doesn't work, you can move to a recliner or the sofa so you can keep your head really elevated. This will minimize the blood flow to the area and therefore minimize the throbbing and pain.

Ice applied to your face might also help.
Reply:sounds like you will need to go into your dentist or one of those emergency dental places tomorrow. once i had a tooth ache for 5 days that didn't go away either, i ended up having to have a root canal. hopefully, that's not your case, but it sounds like that.
Reply:i read in a book that taking the fat from a meat and holding it against that tooth will make it feel better until you can get to a dentist. Pretty gross but when something has been hurting you for that long.. I'm sure you are willing to try anything.
Reply:A dentist duh
Reply:Put a heating pad on your jaw. It helps relieve the pain.
Reply:Try sticking an aspirin between your tooth and cheek.

You should go to the dentist.

It may have an abcess in it and that would need to have an antibiotic or get pulled.
Reply:Have you tried brushing your teeth? I have done so and that has worked for me. Then gargle with salt water. Hope you feel better soon. My friend was in jail and when he had a toothache, that is what they told him to do.
Reply:Try going to a dentist.
Reply:I know EXACTLY how to solve this, trust me, I am an expert when it comes to toothaches.

you see your dentist.
Reply:An old time remedy is to put an aspirin on the offending tooth. don`t chew, just leave it there. I don`t know if it helps or not, but as they say, "couldent huirt". Although it might not taste to good. But overall don`t you think it might be a good idea to mayby see a dentist?
Reply:OK reality check time!!

You have a problem with your tooth which is so bad that painkillers will not soothe it. Its probably an infection of some kind.

There is no more pain relief that you can take, you have tried everything that you can buy over the counter. You cannot avoid the dentist any longer so, first thing tomorrow morning, you call him up and make an emergency appointment. Ask if they will fit you in if someone has a cancellation.
Reply:You need a dentist, if you are in the UK phone NHS direct.

Even if you can't get an immediate appointment the dentist will prescribe antibiotics and you will feel much better. It sounds like you have an infected tooth. It will probably have to come out - or at least need a root canal.
Reply:I've heard putting a paracetomol on top of your tooth will make it stop hurting (disolves into the tooth) but don't know if that's true or not, if you're desperate its work a try!
Reply:Listen to Dr. Sam, as a dental hygienist I can confirm what he has to say. Also, don't use the aspirin in the cheek of your mouth, it will cause a burn of the surrounding tissues!
Reply:go to a dentist
Reply:clove oil on a a cotton bud helps , but it taste like petrol, makes your mouth go numbish!.

Also hot salty water helps keep swishing it now and then!

take paracetamol and ibuprofen

go to dentist!
Reply:Your best option is a dentist asap.

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