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Toothache and earache?

Hi, I am suffering from a very bad toothache and also very bad earache.

I went to the dentist yesterday about the toothache, and he didnt even look at it just gave me a prescription for metrodiazole. Been on it since yesterday, but the pain seems to be getting worse, and also teeth near this bad one which have never hurt before are starting to.

Slight pain around my face, and also under the bad tooth on my neck. Theres a little lump under my ear which is painful to touch.

I'm on the maximum dose of ibprufen and paracetemol and its really making no difference at all. Done the salt water many times. Use sensodyne toothpaste, also not helping.

I know they say it can take a few days for the antibiotics to work, but its getting much worse. Can't get appoitment with emergency dentist

Toothache and earache?
I'm guessing it's an upper tooth. If it is, it's possible that the roots may go into the sinus cavity, that's common in some people. That means it could be a sinus infection or a combination ot tooth and sinus that has spread to the ear.

He should have X-rayed it to make sure or at least explained what was going on a little bit more to you.

If you can't see any dentist for a few days, I say go to the emergency room and get it looked at. While they may not be able to do a dental but surely could look at your ear.

If you have an ear infection and it goes on long enough, you risk permanent hearing damage.

You may have grounds for mal practice against this dentist.
Reply:just phone your dentist again and insist he sees you as your in agony you could have an ulcer or something growing under that tooth and the tooth might need taking out if he wont listen to you just go to the hospital and explain to them they will help you
Reply:You might have an ulcer. These are pretty dangerous if they burst so you should go to a hospital if the pain has got a lot worse. Don't just leave it!
Reply:The bad tooth hurting the good tooth is sometimes associated with infection. What I would do is go to another dentist, one that will actually look at it, and he will probably pull the bad tooth. Now, as far as the ear thing goes, the jaw and ear are closely linked together, so if your tooth/jaw hurts, chances are it will make your ear hurt. Go to the dentist first, then if it gets worse, go to the emergency room, they can take care of anything.
Reply:Sounds like an abcess, if its unbearable, go to A%26amp;E, or phone NHS direct on 0845 46 47, they should be able to help you find an emergency dentist who can help. Surely thats the whole point of emergency dentists!!

Keep on until someone helps you. Sounds like you might need it drained if it doesn't go away with antibiotics.
Reply:I would. You have an abcesed tooth.
Reply:Now, this isn't a solution, it is only a suggestion. Does your dentist or doctor have an 'electric massage' for the face. I was in a foreign country (Japan) and I had a very hard spot under my ear. The dentist said that I probably grind my teeth while I am sleeping and also plaster a smile on my face too long and too often and certain muscles have tightened into a hard ball. Well he gave me this electric face massage (didn't have much confidence in it to be honest), but 45mins later, I felt much better, not 100% but much better.
Reply:Go to your docs or wait until the surgery is closed and go to the accident and emergency if it is a dental problem they will refer you to the nearest out of hours dentist.

I had similar symptoms but it turned out to be trigeminal nueralgia and no amount of over the counter meds even touch it... good luck .

Have a look at the website
Reply:The nerves assocoated with your tooth will shoot pain affecting all areas surrounding the problem. Those signs means something is wrong that needs dental work. Just go get it done. it will not go away with pills.
Reply:Its an absess tooth , I had one a year ago or so. THe lump is not a tumor it will go away once the tooth is fixed . If you cant get in to the dentist immediatly you could go to your doctor or the ER. They will probably prescribe you something for the pain. Or you could even call your dentist and ask them for some pain killers. Once the antibiotics kick in the pain will go away alot. Good Luck nothing is worse than a tooth ache..
Reply:Sounds like you have an abscess in your tooth. Unfortunately, no medicine will help until it gets looked at by your dentist. Have you tried all of the dentists in your area?
Reply:Looks like the first 4 people on this answer have it right.. check with your dentist if they are unable to see you for any reason try another one and if they're no help head straight to the emergency room.. The emergency room would be my last choice because or the hours of waiting but please do something.
Reply:hi, there i read your mail n its make me remembered when i have a toothache you know That medicine metrodiazole that u r using is relay good for toothache but u must use it at least for one week regularly then it will effect.

i think you got a tooth in faction this medicine fights with Bactria it will be okey just make sure that never miss any dose and if you can use half warm water n salt it will help you use it like a mouth wash dont worry u be okey
Reply:It sounds like you may have a sinus infection
Reply:Toothaches are painful but can be prevented

by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating

food which will result in the formation of acid

in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride

toothpaste. I found the information at
Reply:For fast relief, try gargling a wheatgrass solution. there are a lot of great toothache remedies at this site:

click on the toothache link on the left. Good Luck.
Reply:You have a malpractice case right from the start if this develops further. No dentist will prescribe a medication without an examination of the problem and x rays. The real trouble you face is that it is a situation of infection; the infection started in the tooth area and is spreading around. If it gets to your brain, it could cause meningitis, which can be life threatening.

You need to see a medical doctor at once. Dont tell him who the dentist was, because they work together to make sure the deck is stacked to stop you from suing for your damages.

act fast, now
Reply:well you can die from bad tooth, Fix your tooth, pull it out at the dentist office if u need to. Lump may be different from the tooth but it may be in result of it. Did u have the lump before the tooth pain? Antibiotics cant help you much with teeth. Only if there is an infection. Best thing is find a dentists someplace.

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